link noun

ADJ. close, intimate | strong | tenuous, weak | clear, definite, obvious | possible Scientists have established possible links between cancer and diet. | crucial, essential, important, vital Social workers provide a vital link between hospital and community. | common The common link between the three artists is their age. | formal, informal | direct, indirect | historical, long-standing | connecting | causal The report failed to prove a causal link between violence on screen and in real life. | missing the missing link in the search for the causes of cancer | tangible a tangible link with the past | business, commercial, communication, cultural, diplomatic, economic, financial, military, political, professional, sporting, trade, etc. | family, kinship | air, rail/railway, road, transport | fast, high-speed | computer, modem, radio, satellite, telephone, video

VERB + LINK have | build, create, develop, establish, forge, foster, make The college is keen to build links with local industries. | provide | maintain, preserve | strengthen | break, cut, sever She has severed her last links with her family.

LINK + VERB connect sth, join sth

LINK + NOUN road

PREP. via a/the ~ a programme transmitted via a satellite link | ~ across trade links across the border | ~ between The statistics show a clear link between social class and crime. | ~ in The sales manager is regarded as the weakest link in the chain. | ~ to The driver has a radio link to base. | ~ with the city's traditional link with opera