limit noun

ADJ. outer | northern, southern, etc. | three-mile, etc. | absolute I can offer you £20 but that's my absolute limit. | higher, maximum, upper | lower | strict, stringent, tight The application must be made within a strict time limit. | age, speed, time, weight There's a weight limit on the bridge. | physical | safety | budget, cash, credit, earnings, financial, income, overdraft | legal, prescribed, statutory | recommended

VERB + LIMIT reach | cross | establish, impose, place, put, set Central government has set a limit on spending by local councils. | increase, raise | lower | exceed exceeding the speed limit | push sb to She pushed me to the limit of my abilities.

PREP. above a/the ~ The level of radioactivity in the soil was found to be above recommended limits. | at a/the ~ I was almost at the limits of my patience. | below a/the ~ The price fell below the lower limit. The trees are found only below a limit of 500 metres. | beyond a/the ~ Heat levels rose beyond the recommended limits. fishing beyond the twelve-mile limit | on a/the ~ islands on the outer limit of the continent | over a/the ~ He'd been drinking and was well over the legal limit. | up to a/the ~ You can buy cigarettes up to a limit of 200 per person. | within a/the ~ They did well within the limits of their knowledge. There was no school within a limit of ten miles. | within ~s The children can do what they like, within limits. | without ~ Banks may buy bills of exchange without limit. | ~ on There's a limit on the number of tickets you can buy. | ~ to There's a limit to what we can do to help.