light noun

1 brightness

ADJ. clear, good | bright, harsh, intense, strong | blinding | full In full light, you could see Alison was well over forty. | bad, dim, faint, feeble, murky, poor, uncertain, weak | subdued | failing We could hardly see the ball in the failing light. | gentle, pale, soft, watery | mellow, warm | cold, cool in the cold light of morning | early | artificial | natural | infrared, ultraviolet film that is sensitive to ultraviolet light | visible

QUANT. beam, ray | burst, flash, gleam, glimmer There was a flash of light followed by an explosion. | patch, pool

VERB + LIGHT have Have you got enough light for reading? | generate, produce | cast, emit, give (out), provide, shed light emitted by a star | be bathed in | be sensitive to

LIGHT + VERB gleam, glow, shine | come, fall, pour Light from a tall lamp fell in a pool on the desk. | reflect The light reflecting off the snow was dazzling. | grow stronger, increase | fade, fail | blind sb, dazzle sb We were momentarily blinded by the light of the sun. | catch sth You could see the imperfections in the repair when the light caught it.

LIGHT + NOUN level | source | beam

PREP. against the ~ She held up the letter against the light. | by the ~ of They managed to see where the door was by the light of the moon. | into the ~ Bring it into the light and we'll have a look at it. | in the ~ The place looked calm in the golden evening light. | ~ from the light from the kitchen window

PHRASES (at) the speed of light Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. | a point of light, a source of light The lamp was the only source of light in the room.

2 sth that produces light

ADJ. bright the bright lights of the city | flashing, twinkling | electric, fluorescent, gas, neon, strip | bedside, ceiling, outside, overhead, wall | street | hazard, security, warning The car was stopped at the side of the road with its hazard lights flashing. A warning light goes on when the battery is running low. | landing The pilot could just make out the runway landing lights.

VERB + LIGHT put on, switch on, turn on | have on Some cars already had their lights on. | leave on | extinguish, put off/out, switch off, turn off/out | turn up | dim, turn down | shine Someone shone a light in my face. | flash He flashed his lights to warn the oncoming cars.

LIGHT + VERB be off/on | come on The warning light came on. | go out | fuse | gleam, glimmer, glow, shine | flash The blue light was flashing. | flicker The light flickered a couple of times then went out. | blind sb, dazzle sb

LIGHT + NOUN switch | fitting > See TRAFFIC LIGHT