licence noun

ADJ. valid | special | car, driving | marriage | export, gaming, import, operating, trade, trading The government is currently granting no operating licences to foreig | television/TV | gun | software, user The CD-ROM comes with a single-user licence. | entertainment, music The bar was refused a music licence. | hotel, refreshment, restaurant

VERB + LICENCE have, hold You have to have a licence to sell beer. Applicants must hold a valid driving licence. | buy, gain, get, obtain, win You can buy a TV licence at the post office. She gained her private pilot's licence. I got my driving licence when I was eighteen. The company has won the licence to run trains from the south coast to London. | apply for, make an application for | grant (sb), issue | refuse sb | revoke, take away He's had his licence taken away. | renew | lose She lost her driving licence when she was caught drink-driving.

LICENCE + VERB expire, run out The licence expires at the end of the year.

LICENCE + NOUN fee, holder

PREP. in a/the ~ All these details are specified in the licence. | under a/the ~ The weapons were exported under a special export licence. | under ~ They are Italian trains, but they will be built in Britain under licence. | ~ for a licence for software manufacture | ~ from a licence from the Performing Rights Society

PHRASES the holder of a licence