library noun

1 building

ADJ. large, small | excellent, good | public | private | branch, county, local, national, regional | mobile A number of councils operate mobile libraries. | well-stocked | circulating (historical), lending, subscription In 1784 he established his first circulating library. | reference | general | special, specialist | academic, research | college, departmental, school, university | copyright It is a copyright library and receives three copies of all books published in Britain.

VERB + LIBRARY have The school has an excellent library. | go to, use, visit How often do you go to the library? | borrow sth from, get/take sth out of I got this very interesting book out of the library. | return sth to, take sth back to Do you have any books to take back to the library? | be available at/from Do you know about the other services available at your local library? | have access to Everyone in the country should have access to a lending library.

LIBRARY + VERB have sth, hold sth The library has an extensive collection of books on French history.

LIBRARY + NOUN book | shelf | catalogue | ticket | assistant, staff | user | facilities, provision, resources, service the need to improve library provision | skills teaching library skills to schoolchildren

PREP. at a/the ~ a holiday programme for children at the local library | in a/the ~ I've been reading newspapers in the library.

2 collection of books, etc.

ADJ. considerable, extensive | fine, impressive, magnificent, valuable | personal | film, music, photographic, picture, video

VERB + LIBRARY have, possess The family possessed an extensive library. | amass, build (up) She had built up an impressive library of art books. | add to

PREP. ~ of a personal library of over 1,000 volumes