lever noun

1 handle for operating a machine

ADJ. brake, control, gear

VERB + LEVER move, operate, position, press, pull, push, put, release, set, throw When the lever is operated, the machine sews backwards. To release the brake, pull the lever towards you. Push the gear lever into first. The machine will stop immediately once the lever is released. Set all three levers to the 0 position. He threw a lever and the engines roared to life.

PREP. by (means of) a ~ The machine is operated by means of a lever.

PHRASES the position of the lever

2 means of achieving sth

ADJ. powerful, useful

VERB + LEVER act as, be, give sb, provide (sb with), serve as | use sth as

PREP. ~ against If this allegation is true, it will give us a useful lever against him. | ~ for This could serve as a powerful lever for peace.