level noun

1 amount/size/number

ADJ. high, record, significant, substantial Industrial output has reached record levels. | increasing, rising | excessive Excessive levels of lead were found in the water. | low | decreasing, falling | varying keen amateurs who work hard, with varying levels of success | generous a generous level of financial support for the arts | permitted, recommended, required permitted levels of chemical pollutants | acceptable, adequate, necessary, normal, realistic, reasonable, safe an acceptable level of risk Her blood pressure has returned to its normal level. | dangerous, unacceptable | worst the worst level of business failure since 1997 | noise, pollution, radiation | crime | blood-sugar, cholesterol, hormone, etc. | stress

VERB + LEVEL achieve, reach They have achieved higher levels of efficiency. Crime has reached its highest level ever. | remain at She predicts that fuel prices will remain at current levels. | improve, increase, raise | maintain | bring down, control, decrease, keep down, lower, reduce | change | set Emissions are well below the levels set by the World Health Authority. | exceed There will be stiff penalties if companies exceed these levels of pollution.

LEVEL + VERB go up, rise, soar | fall, go down, plummet | change, vary

PREP. above a/the ~ Mortgage rates were 10% above their current level. | at a/the ~ Rents will be kept at this level for another year. | below a/the ~ Radiation is well below the permitted level.

2 stage of progress/standard

ADJ. basic, elementary, low The teaching is at quite a basic level. | entry They have a good range of entry-level computers for beginners. | intermediate | advanced, high Her illness has reached an advanced level. | degree | difficulty The difficulty level of the exercises in the book varies widely. | fitness a sport suitable for people of all fitness levels

VERB + LEVEL attain, reach students who have reached the intermediate level | complete, do, take You need to do all three levels to qualify as a canteen supervisor.

PREP. above a/the ~ His English is way above the level of the other students. | at a/the ~ students at intermediate level She has played tennis at a high level. | below a/the ~ The book is not suitable for students below degree level.

3 grade in an organization or structure

ADJ. high, upper the upper levels of the civil service | low | senior | global, international, local, national, regional | grass-roots The party needs to win support at grass-roots level. | ministerial | board These decisions are made at board level.

VERB + LEVEL reach, rise to He rose to the level of general manager.

PREP. at a/the ~ At the local level there's a lot to be said for the plan. | on a/the ~ The thing has got to be organized on an international level.

4 way of considering sth

ADJ. conscious, unconscious At a conscious level, I was quite satisfied with my life. | deep | superficial | detailed We probably need to look at this problem at a more detailed level. | general | practical | theoretical | political

PREP. at a/the ~, on a/the ~ On a superficial level everything appears to be in order, but at a deeper level you an see that there's a lot wrong.

5 height

ADJ. high, low | ground, sea, water the problem of rising sea levels | eye a shelf at eye level

VERB + LEVEL adjust, change, lower, raise They are going to raise the level of the banks to prevent flooding.

PREP. above a/the ~ 200m above sea level | at a/the ~ The plane was flying at a very low level. | below a/the ~ below the level of the cloud | on a ~ with On the second floor you are on a level with the treetops. | to a/the ~ The water rose to the level of the ground floor windows.

PHRASES a change in/of level

6 floor in a building

ADJ. ground, lower | higher, top, upper

PREP. on a/the ~ Are we on the right level for the restaurant? | to a/the ~ Take the lift to Level Four.