leave noun

1 period of time when you do not go to work

ADJ. annual | paid, unpaid | extended, indefinite, weekend | compassionate, maternity, parental, paternity, sabbatical, sick, study | home, shore

VERB + LEAVE be entitled to, get, have How much annual leave do you get? I've still got some leave left this year. | go on, spend, take, use (up) She spent most of her leave with her family. I've still got some leave to use up. | save I'm saving all my leave to have a long holiday later in the year. | cancel When the war broke out all leave was cancelled. | give sb, grant sb | be due for, be owed | apply for

LEAVE + NOUN entitlement

PREP. on ~ She's on leave until the end of the month.

2 official permission to do sth

ADJ. special

VERB + LEAVE ask, request He asked leave to absent himself for four days. | give sb, grant sb | obtain | refuse sb

PREP. by sb's ~ The appeal can only be brought by leave of the trial judge. | with/without sb's ~ No application may be made without the leave of the court.

PHRASES absent without leave, leave of absence, without (so much as) a by your leave (= without asking permission)