lease noun

ADJ. long, long-term | short, short-term | ten-year, etc. | business, commercial | building, mining

VERB + LEASE have, hold They've got a lease with five years to run. | draw up | acquire, buy, enter into, get, negotiate, obtain, sign, take (on/out/up) She has taken out a new ten-year lease on the flat. | grant (sb), sell (sb) A freeholder may grant a lease of any duration. | renew | forfeit, surrender They moved out and the lease was surrendered. | cancel, terminate | take over | transfer

LEASE + VERB run The lease runs from April 19. | take effect | come up for renewal, expire, run out

PREP. in a/the ~ a new clause in the lease | on a ~ The company holds the building on a long lease. | under a/the ~ Under the new lease, the rent would go up. | ~ of He took a lease of the premises. | ~ on The club has a 20-year lease on the property.

PHRASES a clause in a lease, a condition of a lease, the length/period/term of a lease, a provision in a lease, the terms of the lease