leap noun

1 big jump

ADJ. big, giant, prodigious | little | flying, running He made a flying leap at the ball.

VERB + LEAP make, take

PREP. ~ from, ~ into a leap into the air | ~ to

2 great change/increase in sth

ADJ. big, enormous, giant, great, huge, quantum There has been a quantum leap in profits since 1995. | small | bold, dramatic, sudden a dramatic leap in the number of people out of work | imaginative, intuitive | technological

VERB + LEAP make They've made a great leap forward with their road building in the last few years.

PREP. ~ from a leap from $632 to $735 | ~ in a leap in prices | ~ of a leap of 750% | ~ to

PHRASES a leap forward, by leaps and bounds, come on/improve in leaps and bounds His technique has come on in leaps and bounds this season.