lean verb

ADV. heavily | lightly | slightly | casually, easily, lazily, nonchalantly | eagerly | earnestly | confidentially, confidingly, conspiratorially | weakly, wearily | drunkenly | precariously | close, near He leaned closer, lowering his voice. | across, forward, down, out, over She leant forward eagerly to listen to him. | away, back, backwards He leaned back in his chair. | sideways

PREP. across She was leaning confidentially across the table. | against She leaned her head against his shoulder. | into He leaned into the open doorway. | on The old man was leaning heavily on a stick. | out of She leaned precariously out of the window. | over She leaned casually over the railings. | through The taxi driver leaned through his window. | towards He leaned towards her. PHRASAL VERBS lean on sb/sth

ADV. heavily Britain leans heavily on Europe for trade.