leaf noun

ADJ. new, young | autumn, dead, dry, fallen, falling, rotting, rotten The ground was thick with dead leaves. | broad (especially technical), heart-shaped, oval broad leaf plants | green, yellow, etc. | glossy, hairy, leathery, mottled, shiny, spiky, variegated | bay, lettuce, oak, tea, etc. Throw the tea leaves on the flower bed.

VERB + LEAF have This plant has beautifully variegated leaves. | break/burst/come into, grow, produce, put out It was spring and the trees were coming into leaf. In the spring the plant began to put out new leaves. | shed Deciduous trees shed their leaves in autumn.

LEAF + VERB appear Spring arrived and the first green leaves began to appear. | turn, yellow The summer was over and the leaves were beginning to turn. | fall | rustle The leaves rustled in the light breeze.

LEAF + NOUN litter, mould the leaf litter on the forest floor

PHRASES in full leaf The corn was already ripening and the trees in full leaf.