leader noun

1 person who is in charge of sth

ADJ. born, natural | charismatic, effective, good, great, inspiring, inspired, visionary | undisputed | powerful, strong | weak | deputy | former | joint | local, national | opposition, parliamentary, party | Conservative, Labour, etc. | military, political, religious, spiritual | gang, guerrilla, nationalist, rebel | group, project, squadron, team Discuss any problems with your team leader. | business, church, civic, community, council, government, strike, student, (trade) union, youth Business leaders have been in talks with the government. | miners', teachers', etc.

VERB + LEADER be appointed, become, be elected | appoint (sb), appoint sb as, choose (sb as), elect (sb), elect sb as, nominate (sb), nominate sb as

PHRASES a leader of the Opposition

2 person/team that is best or in first place

ADJ. undisputed | brand, market, world The company is a world leader in electrical goods. | championship, league, tournament

VERB + LEADER overtake aiming to overtake the market leaders within two years

PREP. behind the ~ ten points behind league leaders Manchester United | ~ in the undisputed leader in her field