law noun

1 official rule/rules

ADJ. administrative, case, civil, common, constitutional, contract, criminal, international, statute, etc. (see also martial law)

VERB + LAW become Parliament voted for the bill to become law. | enforce, uphold It's the job of the police to enforce the law. | obey, observe | break, flout, violate | adopt, enact, pass | annul, repeal | interpret Judges interpret this law in different ways.

LAW + VERB allow sth, forbid sth, prohibit sth The law forbids gambling of any kind. | permit sth | require sth The wearing of a crash helmet is required by law. | govern sth the law governing school attendance

LAW + NOUN court | enforcement

PREP. above the ~ No one is above the law. | against the ~ What you did was clearly against the law. | by ~ By law, you are obliged to install smoke alarms in the factory. | within the ~ The company is operating entirely within the law. | ~ against a local law against keeping horses | ~ concerning the law concerning industrial action ballots | ~ on A law on hunting will cause a lot of disagreements. | ~ relating to the law relating to the sale of goods

PHRASES as the law stands As the law stands, you can get married while still too young to have a driving licence. | law and order Martial law was imposed to prevent the breakdown of law and order. | the letter of the law In spite of the difficulties it would cause her family, the judge stuck to the letter of the law and jailed her. | take the law into your own hands When police failed to arrest the suspect, local people took the law into their own hands and beat him up.

2 subject of study/profession

VERB + LAW practise

LAW + NOUN firm > Note at SUBJECT(for more verbs and nouns)