laughter noun

ADJ. helpless, hysterical, loud, raucous, wild I heard sounds of raucous laughter upstairs. | delighted, happy | infectious Her infectious laughter had everyone smiling. | nervous | silent, suppressed She was bent over with suppressed laughter. | derisive, mocking

QUANT. bellow, hoot, howl, roar, shriek, snort He gave a sudden bellow of laughter. | fit Everyone dissolved into fits of laughter when they saw my haircut. | gale, peal, ripple His suggestion was greeted with peals of laughter. A ripple of laughter ran round the room.

VERB + LAUGHTER burst into, dissolve into/with, explode with | bellow with, cackle with, hoot with, howl with, roar with, scream with, shriek with, snort with, whoop with, yell with | rock with, shake with