lane noun

1 narrow road

ADJ. little, narrow, single-track, small | quiet | bumpy, rough | dusty, muddy | twisting, winding | grassy, green, leafy | cobbled | country | back Lighting is poor in the back lanes of the city.

VERB + LANE turn down/into

LANE + VERB go, lead, run the lane leading to the village The lane runs past the the lake.

PREP. along a/the ~ We cycled for miles along winding country lanes. | down a/the ~, in a/the ~, up a/the ~

2 part of a wide road for one line of traffic

ADJ. fast, slow | inside, left-hand, middle, outside, right-hand | overtaking | northbound, southbound, etc. | traffic | bus, cycle

VERB + LANE change, get in I hate changing lanes on the motorway. Get in lane early when approaching a junction. | keep in, stay in

LANE + NOUN closures, restrictions Lane closures are causing hold-ups on the M6 near junction 2.

PREP. in (the) ~ The bus was crawling along in the slow lane.