land noun

1 surface of the earth

ADJ. dry It was good to be on dry land again after months at sea.

VERB + LAND reach The explorers reached land after a long voyage. | sight In the distance the crew sighted land. | reclaim The new project will reclaim the land from the sea.

LAND + NOUN mass chains of volcanoes running along the edge of continental land masses | animal, mammal | battle, war | forces With the land forces defeated, everything now rested on the navy.

PREP. by ~ It's impossible to reach this beach by land because of the high cliffs. | on ~ Some animals can live both on land and in water.

2 piece of ground

ADJ. good, prime prime building land | fertile, rich rich agricultural land land that is rich in mineral deposits | marginal, poor animals grazing on marginal land that was previously heath or moorland | arid, dry, hard, parched The land was very dry and hard after the long, hot summer. | marshy | barren | derelict, waste (also wasteland) A new shopping centre will be built on the derelict land. | contaminated | empty, unused, vacant | uncultivated, virgin, wild | agricultural, arable, cultivated, farm (also farmland), farming | grazing | industrial | building, housing | green belt | rural, urban | private | public | common This used to be common land, where everyone had the right to graze animals. | open They finally got out of the town and reached open land. | flat, low-lying | hill, undulating | coastal, forest, meadow

QUANT. parcel, piece, plot, scrap, strip, tract Every scrap of land is used for growing food. The college owns vast tracts of land.

VERB + LAND have, hold, own The inhabitants of a village held land in common. | acquire, buy, purchase | sell | cultivate, farm, plough, work | irrigate | clear The land has been cleared ready for building. | develop They were refused permission to develop the land. | occupy During the war their lands were occupied by the enemy. | seize | allocate, distribute, redistribute | grant sb He was granted land by the king.

LAND + VERB adjoin sth a piece of land adjoining a disused railway line

LAND + NOUN owner, ownership | acquisition, purchase | reclamation | development | use | prices, values | dispute 3 the land farming land

VERB + LAND live off It's very fertile countryside where you can just live off the land. | farm, work (on) His family had always worked the land. | leave Many people leave the land to find work in towns and cities. | get/go back to He's tired of living in cities, and wants to get back to the land.

4 country

ADJ. ancestral, native the tribe's ancestral lands | distant He travelled to many distant lands. | alien, foreign, strange She was all alone in a strange land. | promised (often figurative) the promised land of progressive education | cloud cuckoo, never-never (both figurative) Anyone who thinks this legislation will be effective is living in cloud cuckoo land.