label noun

1 paper, etc. attached to sth

ADJ. adhesive, sticky | designer clothes with a designer label | address, luggage | price | warning

VERB + LABEL bear, carry, have It doesn't have a price label on it. | attach, put on, stick on She stuck labels on all the jars. | remove, take off | read Always read the label before taking any medicine.

PREP. on a/the ~ What does it say on the label? | ~ on the label on the bottle

2 description

VERB + LABEL apply, attach, use One sometimes feels that the label ‘classic’ is applied to any book that is dull.

3 company that produces records

ADJ. record | major | independent

VERB + LABEL sign to/with The band are hoping to sign with a major label by the end of the year.

PREP. under a/the ~ The record was produced under the Virgin label.