knock verb

1 hit/bump

ADV. accidentally I accidentally knocked the vase off the table. | about, aside, over Her boyfriend had been knocking her about. Mind you don't knock that glass over.

PREP. against The stick knocked against the wall. | off He had knocked one of the pictures off the wall. | on I knocked my head on one of the beams.

PHRASES knock sb/sth flying He was knocked flying as two policemen came crashing through the door. | knock sb off their feet The explosion knocked him off his feet. | knock sb out/senseless/unconscious The blow knocked him unconscious. | knock sb to the ground

2 bang on a door

ADV. loudly | softly | politely, timidly

PREP. at Someone knocked loudly at the door. | on She knocked timidly on the study door and entered.

PHRASES without knocking Dobson walked straight into her office without knocking.