kitchen noun

ADJ. clean, spotless | dirty, grubby | big, cavernous, huge, roomy, spacious, vast | small, tiny | fully-equipped, fully-fitted, well-equipped | ultra-modern | fitted | stone-flagged, tiled | communal, shared | domestic, professional | mobile | kosher

KITCHEN + NOUN area | cabinet, chair, counter, cupboard, drawers, dresser, fitments, fittings, sink, surface, table, unit, worktop | equipment, gadgets, implements, knife, scales, scissors, utensils | foil, paper, roll, towels | hatch We handed our trays through the kitchen hatch as we left. | fire, range, stove | facilities All our chalets have kitchen facilities. | waste | maid, porter, staff | garden (= for growing food for the kitchen)

PREP. in a/the ~