kiss noun

ADJ. brief, quick, swift | lingering, long | gentle, light, soft | big, smacking | hard | sloppy | affectionate, loving, tender, warm | ardent, hungry, passionate | brotherly, chaste, friendly, innocent, sisterly | farewell, goodbye, goodnight

VERB + KISS give sb He gave his daughter a gentle kiss on the forehead. | drop, plant, press She planted a big kiss on his cheek. | steal The children hid behind the bike shed to steal a kiss. | return She returned his kiss with passion. | deepen | blow (sb) As the train drew away he blew her a kiss.

KISS + VERB deepen His kiss deepened and became hungrier.

PREP. with a ~ | ~ on He greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

PHRASES give sb the kiss of life A policeman pulled the man out of the river and gave him the kiss of life. | hugs and kisses We were greeted with hugs and kisses. | the kiss of death That TV commercial was the kiss of death to his career as a serious actor.