kind noun

ADJ. different, same She does the same kind of work as me. | all, another, any, some, various You need some kind of cover over it to protect it from the rain. We stock various kinds of lawnmower. | each, every | certain, particular, special Certain kinds of food are unsuitable for small children. | best, worst | right, wrong Be sure to eat enough of the right kind of food. | funny, odd, strange

PREP. in ~ The regions differ in size, but not in kind. | of a ~ You're making progress of a kind (= some progress, but not very much, or not of the best type). They're two of a kind (= very like each other)?both workaholics! | of … ~ books of every kind music of different kinds | of its ~ The new school was the first of its kind. | ~ of a special kind of oil

PHRASES a/the kind of thing Do you know the kind of thing I mean? They sell all kinds of things. | a kind of way I missed him, in a funny kind of way. | nothing/something of that/the kind ‘I was terrible!’ ‘You were nothing of the kind!’ ‘He's resigning.’ ‘I'd suspected something of the kind.’