killing noun

1 killing sb deliberately

ADJ. brutal, cold-blooded the cold-blooded killing of a defenceless woman | deliberate | indiscriminate, random | mass, serial This was the fourth mass killing in Australia in four years. | contract, gangland, political, revenge, sectarian a brutal revenge killing | mercy Should the law allow mercy killing? | unlawful (law) a verdict of unlawful killing

VERB + KILLING be responsible for, carry out | order The Mafia ordered the killing. | prevent, stop It is difficult to prevent such killings. | confess to | deny The sentenced man had denied the killings.

KILLING + VERB happen, occur, take place

PHRASES a motive for the killing No motive for the killing has yet been established.

2 making a lot of money quickly

VERB + KILLING make Investors are set to make a killing from the sell-off.