kick noun

1 act of kicking

ADJ. good, hard, hefty, painful | corner, free, goal, overhead, penalty, spot (all in football) | high an energetic performer using dance routines and high kicks

VERB + KICK give sb/sth Give the door a good kick if it won't open. | get, receive He had received a painful kick on the knee.

PREP. ~ at a kick at goal | ~ by/from a kick from Maynard in the last minute of the game | ~ in a kick in the stomach | ~ on a kick on the ankle | ~ to a kick to the ribs

2 feeling of great pleasure/excitement

ADJ. real

VERB + KICK get He gets a real kick out of mending something so that it can be used again. | give sb It gave the youngsters a kick to see their own play on television.

PREP. for ~s They don't really want the things they steal. They just do it for kicks.