key noun

1 for a door

ADJ. master, skeleton | duplicate, spare | car, desk, front door, house, ignition, etc.

QUANT. bunch, set a large bunch of keys a set of car keys

VERB + KEY turn She turned the key in the lock. | insert, put in | remove, take out | use She must have used a key to get in.

KEY + VERB open, unlock You need a key to open the garage. | lock | turn They heard a key turn in the back door lock.

PREP. with a/the ~ You have to close it with the key. | ~ to the key to the front door

PHRASES get a key cut I'll get another key cut so that you can have one.

2 on a computer

ADJ. Alt, arrow, backspace, control, delete, escape, function, return, shift, etc. | shortcut F1 is the shortcut key for calling up help.

QUANT. row the top row of keys

VERB + KEY hit, hold down, press, touch Hold down the Alt key while pressing the arrow keys. | release > Special page at COMPUTER

3 explanation of symbols, etc.

KEY + VERB tell sb sth The key tells you what all the symbols mean.

PREP. in a/the ~ You can find the symbols in the key at the bottom of the page. | ~ to the key to the signs and symbols

4 decisive factor

VERB + KEY have, hold First-time voters could hold the key to the election result.

PREP. ~ to Language is the key to understanding those around you.

5 in music

ADJ. major, minor | high, low

VERB + KEY change

KEY + VERB change The key changes from C major to A minor.

KEY + NOUN change | signature There are two sharps in the key signature of D major.

PREP. in a/the ~ What key's it in? Can we try it in a lower key? | ~ of the key of G major