jury noun

1 in a court of law

ADJ. inquest, trial | unanimous (only after jury) The jury were unanimous in their verdict. | hung A retrial was necessary after the original trial ended with a hung jury.

VERB + JURY serve on, sit on | tell Tell the jury what happened, in your own words. | direct The judge directed the jury to return a verdict of not guilty. | swear in The new jury were sworn in.

JURY + VERB hear sth The jury heard how the boy had obtained a carving knife from a friend's house. | retire | consider its verdict The jury has retired to consider its verdict. | be out The jury is still out (= still deciding). (figurative) The jury is still out on this new policy. | agree (on) a verdict, arrive at/reach a verdict, give its verdict, return a verdict | convict sb, find sb guilty The jury convicted Menzies of assaulting Smith. | acquit sb, clear sb, find sb not guilty | award sb The jury awarded her damages of £30,000.

JURY + NOUN service It was the second time he had been called up for jury service. | trial | foreman, member | system a review of the jury system

PREP. before a ~ The trial will take place before a jury. | on a/the ~ There were only three women on the jury. | ~ of the jury of seven women and five men

PHRASES trial by jury You have a right to trial by jury.

2 of a competition

VERB + JURY choose, select The jury is selected from the winners in previous years.

JURY + VERB judge sth | consist of sb The jury consisted of an architect, a photographer and an artist. | award (sb) sth, give sb sth The jury has awarded the prize for best exhibit in the show to Harry Pearson.

PREP. on a/the ~ He was on a jury judging a songwriting competition.