jump noun

1 movement

ADJ. little | running, standing Cats can clear two metres with a standing jump. | high, long, triple | bungee, parachute, ski

VERB + JUMP make She made a jump for the river bank. | take He took a running jump and just managed to clear the stream. | do He's going to do a parachute jump for charity. | give Her heart gave a little jump at his smile.

PREP. in the … ~ Allen won silver in the high jump. | with a ~ I sat up with a jump (= suddenly.). | ~ into (figurative) The new law is a jump into the unknown. | ~ onto

2 increase

ADJ. big, quantum, sharp | small

VERB + JUMP make Is he good enough to make the jump into Formula One?

PREP. ~ in The sportswear company reports a jump in sales since the Olympics.