judgement noun

1 decision/opinion

ADJ. accurate | balanced | impartial, independent, objective | personal, subjective | intuitive | qualitative | harsh | snap I hate having to make snap judgements. | definitive

VERB + JUDGEMENT form, make It's difficult to form a judgement when you don't have all the facts. | express Remember to be tactful when expressing a personal judgement. | confirm This latest case confirms my earlier judgement. | come to, reach It is too soon to reach any definitive judgement. | deliver, give, pass, pronounce The school inspector's function is not merely to pronounce judgement, but also to suggest improvements. | reserve, suspend The court reserved judgement on the two appeals. | obtain, win They obtained a judgement in their favour. | reverse They are trying to get the judgement reversed. | abide by

PREP. in sb's ~ What, in your judgement, would be the best way to deal with the problem? | ~ about She must make her own judgement about when to go. | ~ against The sacked workers won a judgement against the company. | ~ as to Experience helps us to form judgements as to the best course of action in given circumstances. | ~ on I'm not equipped to pass judgement on such matters.

2 decision making

ADJ. fine, good, remarkable, shrewd, sound Landing a plane requires fine judgement. | impartial, independent | impaired, weak | aesthetic, artistic, critical, ethical, moral, political, professional She has a reputation for sound professional judgement.

VERB + JUDGEMENT display, show | rely on | respect, trust He trusted his wife's judgement. | doubt | back The company backed her judgement and implemented all her recommendations. | exercise, use | colour, influence He never allows any prejudices to colour his judgement. | sit in He felt he had no right to sit in judgement on someone he had only just met.

PREP. ~ about You will need to exercise your own judgement about what clothes to wear. | ~ in The speaker showed good judgement in his choice of topic.

PHRASES an error of judgement Accepting the gift was an error of judgement on the part of the party chairman. | a lack of judgement, a matter of judgement How much money you should invest is a matter of judgement.