judge verb

ADV. correctly, rightly | wrongly I think I judged the distance wrongly. | fairly, properly | harshly I think you're judging her rather harshly. | objectively | beautifully, carefully, finely, nicely, perfectly, well Their performance of the concerto was beautifully judged and finely controlled. ‘There's something I haven't told you.’ She judged her words carefully. The bowler judged it well, timing the ball to perfection. | accordingly Those who preach intolerance should be judged accordingly.

VERB + JUDGE be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to | be able to, be in a position to I am in no position to judge whether what she is doing is right or wrong. | learn to learning to judge distances

PREP. according to He believed that schools should be judged according to strictly academic criteria. | against judging his own performance against the performance of others | by You will be judged by the work you have produced over the year. | from The age of the furniture can be judged from the type of wood used. | on Your slogan will be judged on its originality and style.

PHRASES criteria for judging People use different criteria for judging success at school. | don't judge a book by its cover (figurative) (= don't judge sth by how it looks), judge by appearances, judging by/from sth He seems to have been a popular person, judging by the number of people at his funeral. | to judge by/from To judge from what she said, she was very disappointed. | judge for youself Readers are left to judge for themselves whether McCrombie is hero or villain. | judge sth on its merits Each painting must be judged on its own merits.