joy noun

ADJ. delirious, ecstatic, fierce, great, heady, overwhelming, pure, real, sheer, true, wild, wonderful | simple | sudden | inner | physical the physical joys of fine wines and gourmet foods

VERB + JOY bring sb Her books have brought great joy to millions of people. | experience, feel the pure joy I felt at being free again | be filled with, be full of | express | find, get, take I find joy in many kinds of music. She got no joy out of working. I took a fierce joy in telling them the truth.

JOY + VERB go All the joy had gone out of his life.

PREP. to your ~ She found to her joy that the house had a large garden. | with ~ I could have shouted with joy. | ~ at Protesters expressed joy at the government's decision.

PHRASES dance, jump, sing, weep, etc. for joy I literally jumped for joy when I heard the news. | a joy to behold, see, watch, etc. The children's expressions were a joy to behold. | your pride and joy (= a person or thing that makes you feel great pride or satisfaction) The pride and joy of the town is the splendid castle. | tears of joy