journey noun

ADJ. long, marathon | brief, short | outward | homeward, return | onward The bus driver told us where to change buses for our onward journey. | bus, car, rail, railway, train, etc. | five-mile, four-hour, etc. | comfortable, easy, good, pleasant, safe I hope you had a good journey. Have a safe journey. | arduous, awkward, bad, difficult, gruelling, hard, tedious, terrible, tiring, tortuous | dangerous, hazardous, perilous | overland | cross-country | daily | overnight | epic an epic journey across Africa on foot | wasted The library was closed when I got there, so it was a wasted journey. | emotional, sentimental, spiritual He made the emotional journey back to the house he grew up in.

VERB + JOURNEY go on, have, make He wasn't there and we had a wasted journey. | break We broke our return journey in San Francisco. | begin, set out on | continue, resume They continued their journey on foot. | complete

JOURNEY + VERB take (sb) The journey takes about five hours. His journey took him across central Asia. | begin | end


PREP. on ~ They were on a journey to the Far East. | ~ by a journey by air/bus/land/rail/sea, etc. | ~ across, ~ between, ~ down the journey down the Rhine | ~ from, ~ of a journey of 300 miles a journey of five days | ~ through, ~ to The bus journey from London to Athens took 60 hours. | ~ up

PHRASES be tired after/from a journey, a leg/stage of a journey Dawn was breaking as we set out on the last leg of our journey.