journal noun

1 serious magazine

ADJ. academic, learned, scholarly | professional, technical, trade | house/in-house the house journal of the South Western Gas Board | non-specialist, specialist | research, reviewing | business, literary, medical, science/scientific | august, highly-ranked/high-ranking, leading, major, prestigious ‘Nature’ was the highest-ranked journal in thte survey. | official It's the official journal of the Medical Foundation. | international, national | monthly, quarterly, weekly

QUANT. copy Please send me two copies of your new journal. | edition, issue, volume

VERB + JOURNAL read | edit, write for an academic who writes for specialist journals | produce, publish | buy, get, subscribe to She subscribes to quite a few academic journals.

JOURNAL + VERB come out The journal comes out five times a year.

JOURNAL + NOUN article | editor

PREP. in a/the ~ an article in a medical journal | ~ of the British Journal of Geology

2 diary

ADJ. private | daily

VERB + JOURNAL keep, write Lady Franklin kept a daily journal of the voyage. | read

JOURNAL + NOUN entry Her journal entry for that day describes a thunder storm.

PREP. in a/the ~ The events are all recorded in her journal. | ~ of He wrote a journal of his travels.