joke noun

ADJ. funny, good | old That's an old joke?I've heard it lots of times. | cruel, sick | huge | dirty

VERB + JOKE crack, make, tell He's marvellous at telling jokes. | play He's always playing jokes on people. | have, share She likes to have a joke with her employees. | hear | get, laugh at We all fell about laughing, but he didn't get the joke. | take The trouble is she can't take a joke. | treat sth as He treated his exams as a huge joke.

JOKE + VERB fall flat The audience weren't very responsive and the jokes fell a bit flat. | be on sb I thought I'd play a trick on them, but in the end the joke was on me.

PREP. as a ~ It was only said as a joke. | ~ about Have you heard the joke about the elephant and the mouse?

PHRASES make a joke of sth We tried to make a joke of our situation, but it wasn't really funny.