join verb

1 become a member of sth

VERB + JOIN want to, wish to | flock to By this time people were flocking to join the cult. | decide to | persuade sb to | be allowed to | refuse to

PHRASES an invitation to join sth

2 do sth with sb else

VERB + JOIN wish to | invite sb to They've invited us to join them on their yacht. | be allowed to She was now old enough to be allowed to join the adults. | be expected to Thousands of people are expected to join the sponsored walk. | decide to | refuse to

PREP. for Will you join me shortly for a drink in the bar? | in I'm sure you will all wish to join me in thanking our speaker tonight. | with Please will you all join with me in singing the national anthem.

PHRASES come and join sb He waved a fork in greeting. ‘Come and join us!’ | an invitation to join sb/sth PHRASAL VERBS join in

ADV. enthusiastically They all joined enthusiastically in the dancing.

VERB + JOIN want to | refuse to

PREP. with Everyone joined in with the singing. I wish he would join in with the other children.