jaw noun

1 bone that contains teeth

ADJ. bottom, lower | top, upper | firm, strong | clenched, set | slack | jutting, lantern (= in which the lower part sticks out), thrusting | pointed, square | broken, dislocated, fractured

VERB + JAW clench, set | finger, rub, stroke He fingered his jaw thoughtfully. | break, dislocate, fracture

JAW + VERB drop, sag My jaw dropped in astonishment when I saw the size of the audience. | be set, clench, set, tighten Her jaw was set, ready for a fight. | jut His jaw jutted stubbornly forward; he would not be denied.

JAW + NOUN bone, muscle | injury

PREP. in your ~ A muscle in his jaw pulsed angrily. | on your ~ He had two days' growth of stubble on his jaw. | to the ~ a punch to the jaw | under your ~ She had a fold of flesh under her jaw.

PHRASES the line/set of your jaw The stern set of the officer's jaw made Tony realize he was in trouble.

2 jaws: mouth

ADJ. gaping, open | massive, powerful A shark can crush a boat with its massive jaws. | slavering The slavering jaws of the guard dog stopped anyone going near.

VERB + JAW clamp, close, lock, sink The dog locked its jaws on her leg and wouldn't let go. A spider sank its jaws into my ankle. | escape (from) The antelope could not escape the crocodile's gaping jaws.

PREP. between its ~s The dog had his arm clamped between its jaws.