investment noun

ADJ. good, excellent, profitable, sound, successful, wise, worthwhile | bad, poor, unwise He lost a lot of money through poor investments. | high-risk, risky, speculative | safe | considerable, enormous, great, heavy, high, huge, large, large-scale, major, massive, significant, sizeable, substantial The president has called for massive investment to rebuild the country's economy. | low, modest, small | inadequate The country's infrastructure is crumbling because of inadequate investment. | maximum, minimum | additional, extra, further | gross, net | overall | new | necessary | strategic | direct | domestic, local | cross-border, foreign, international, inward, offshore, outside, overseas | long-term, short-term | initial, original an initial investment of $5 million | capital, financial | business, industrial, infrastructural, manufacturing | government, public, public-sector, state | corporate, insitutional | private, private-sector private investment in the health service | personal I had made a personal investment in time and energy. | emotional parents' emotional investment in their children

QUANT. level, rate

VERB + INVESTMENT make | attract, encourage, promote, stimulate a business plan to encourage new investment | increase | cut | recoup It took two years before I recouped my investment. | realize She felt the time was right to realize her investment, and sold all her shares. | spread When buying shares, it's wise to spread your investment over several companies. | protect

INVESTMENT + VERB increase, rise | fall

INVESTMENT + NOUN funds | levels, rates inadequate investment levels | scheme | decision | company, trust

PREP. as an ~ I don't really like modern art but I bought it as an investment. | ~ from investment from American pension funds | ~ in investment in local industry

PHRASES a loss on an investment losses made on investments in stocks and bonds | a profit/return on an investment I'm hoping for a good return on my investment. > Special page at BUSINESS