interview noun

ADJ. face-to-face | telephone | group | in-depth | police a police interview with suspected terrorists | newspaper, press, radio, television | job I've got a job interview tomorrow.

VERB + INTERVIEW carry out, conduct, do, hold The survey team carried out over 200 interviews with retired people. | do, give (sb), grant (sb) He's a very private man and rarely does interviews. | attend, be called for, have

INTERVIEW + NOUN board, panel | techniques | procedure

PREP. in an/the ~ He said in an interview that he wanted to get married. | ~ about The prime minister gave the paper an interview about his musical tastes. | ~ between an interview between the French Foreign Minister and the President of Egypt | ~ for an interview for the post of sales manager | ~ with He had an interview with United Biscuits. an interview with the Vietnamese leader

PHRASES a round of interviews We're about to start the second round of interviews for the post.