interested adj.

VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound | become, get She got very interested in politics. | remain | get sb We need to get more young people interested in the sport. | keep sb You need to keep your audience interested.

ADV. deeply, especially, extremely, greatly, intensely, keenly, more than a little, most, particularly, passionately, really, seriously, specially, terribly, very (much) Ben must have been more than a little interested in the possibility to have pursued it so far. | genuinely, truly | increasingly | not at all, not (in) the least bit, not in the least, not remotely He's not in the least bit interested in girls. | only half, not much, not very Carrie was only half interested in the conversation. | fairly, mildly, quite, vaguely | just ‘Why do you ask?’ ‘I'm just interested, that's all.’ | enough, sufficiently I wasn't interested enough in the argument to take sides one way or the other. | chiefly, mainly, primarily, principally | always, long I am always interested in how differently people can look at the same event. Charles had long been interested in architecture. | still | no longer | potentially | apparently, reportedly | clearly, obviously | actively As a landowner, he was actively interested in agricultural improvements. | professionally

PREP. in She's always been interested in other people.