integrity noun

ADJ. great, high | absolute, complete | personal | artistic, financial, moral, political, professional | physical, structural, territorial The country is fighting to preserve its territorial integrity. | data (computing)

VERB + INTEGRITY have Her photography had great artistic integrity. | lack | lose | restore The minister promised to restore the honesty and integrity of the government. | ensure It's up to the user to ensure the integrity of the data they enter. | maintain, retain We all have an interest in maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem. | defend, preserve, safeguard | threaten The project threatens the integrity of one of the world's most important wetlands. | compromise, impair, undermine I would never do anything to compromise the integrity of the company. | destroy Nuclear weapons have the capability to destroy the physical integrity of the planet. | question She questioned his integrity as a councillor.

PREP. with ~ The code calls on members to behave with integrity at all times.

PHRASES an attack on sb/sth's integrity, a challenge/threat to sb/sth's integrity