intake noun

1 amount of food/drink taken into the body

ADJ. high | moderate | low | increased | total | good | excessive | adequate | balanced | normal | average | (recommended) daily | regular | dietary, nutritional | calorie | alcohol, calcium, energy, fat, fibre, fluid, food, oxygen, protein, salt, sugar, water

VERB + INTAKE have Make sure you have a balanced intake of vitamins A, B, C and D. | maintain You should maintain a low intake of fat. | increase, raise | control, watch You need to watch your alcohol intake. | cut, cut down (on), limit, lower, reduce, restrict One of the best ways to get to your ideal size is to cut fat intake right down.

2 number of students in a year

ADJ. high | low | new | annual | graduate, student

VERB + INTAKE have The school has an annual intake of 20 to 30. | cut, reduce | increase

3 where liquid/air enters a machine

ADJ. air, water | pump

VERB + INTAKE clog (up) Algae has clogged the intake to the water turbine.

4 of breath

ADJ. harsh, sharp She gave a sharp intake of breath.


PHRASES an intake of breath