insurance noun

ADJ. (fully) comprehensive | adequate | additional | long-term, short-term | national, social, state | personal, private | commercial | compulsory | voluntary | life | health, medical | animal, car, home, house, household, marine, motor | travel | accident, fire, legal expenses, unemployment | civil liability, liability, professional indemnity, public liability, third party | general | special

VERB + INSURANCE have, maintain Have you got fully comprehensive insurance?

(formal) The company maintains liability insurance for its directors and officers. | apply for | arrange, buy, get, obtain, purchase, take out The contract requires me to arrange my own insurance. The travel agent recommended that I take out travel insurance. | sell | pay I haven't paid the insurance yet this month. | claim (on) She set fire to her house and then claimed insurance. We claimed for the car repairs on the insurance. | offer (sb) | provide (sb with)

INSURANCE + VERB cover sb/sth, pay for sth Does your personal accident insurance cover mountain rescue? Millions of people in the US are not covered by health insurance. The insurance will pay for the damage.

INSURANCE + NOUN cover insurance cover for bodily injury to third parties | policy a personal insurance policy | scheme a national insurance scheme | contribution, payment, premium a monthly insurance premium | costs rising insurance costs | claim | money, payout He bought a new suit out of the insurance money. | broking, services | business, industry, market, sector | company, firm, fund, group | agent, broker, salesman, underwriter | certificate

PREP. ~ against More people are taking out insurance against the high cost of dental care. | ~ for compulsory insurance for personal injury to employees | ~ on The court heard that he stood to gain millions in insurance on his wife. | ~ with Her insurance is with General Accident.

PHRASES a certificate of insurance, a contract of insurance, a period of insurance If you make more than two claims in any period of insurance you may lose your no claim bonus.