instruction noun

1 instructions information on how to do sth

ADJ. comprehensive, full | adequate | clear, explicit | detailed, precise, specific, step-by-step | complex | simple | general | special | careful | printed, verbal, written | pack, packet | technical | safety | operating, cooking, washing | manufacturer's

QUANT. list, series, set

VERB + INSTRUCTION read You should always read the instructions on medicines thoroughly. | understand | follow These fondant decorations are easy to master if you follow our simple step-by-step instructions. | give (sb), leave (sb), supply He gave her detailed instructions on the procedure to be followed. instructions supplied with a product | repeat | come with Did it come with any instructions about assembling it?

INSTRUCTION + VERB tell sb sth instructions that tell you where everything goes

INSTRUCTION + NOUN book/booklet, leaflet, manual I had to refer to the instruction booklet.

PREP. according to the ~ Microwave ovens should be serviced according to the manufacturer's instructions. | in accordance with the ~, in the ~ It tells you in the instructions not to let the machine get too hot. | ~ about, ~ as to The organizer will give instructions as to what to do. | ~ on instructions on how to use the photocopier

PHRASES follow (sb's) instructions to the letter The jockey followed his trainer's instructions to the letter (= followed them in every detail).

2 instructions: sth that sb tells/permits you to do

ADJ. clear, explicit, express, specific | firm, strict I have strict instructions not to let anyone else in. | direct | special | fresh, new | further | final | written

VERB + INSTRUCTION be under, have | act on/under She is acting under direct instructions from the president. | carry out, comply with, follow, obey Failure to obey a policeman's instructions may amount to an offence. | disobey | ignore | await, wait (for) He remained under cover and waited further instructions from headquarters. | accept Solicitors may not accept instructions in cases where they would have a conflict of interests. | receive | give (sb), issue, leave (sb), send (sb) The government has issued specific instructions on reducing waste disposal. | bark (out), shout, yell The director sat in his chair barking instructions at the cast. | repeat

PREP. according to the ~ We acted according to the instructions we received. | in accordance with the ~, on (sb's) ~ She was released on instruction from the Foreign Ministry. | under (sb/sth's) ~ Under Charlemagne's instructions, many classical texts were recopied. | with/without ~ They were not empowered to negotiate without instructions. | ~ from, ~ to an instruction to Lieutenant-General Gough from General Clark

PHRASES carry out/follow/obey (sb's) instructions to the letter (= follow them in every detail)

3 in a computer

QUANT. series, set

VERB + INSTRUCTION carry out, execute The chip runs at speeds of up to 100MHz and executes two instructions per clock cycle.

4 teaching

ADJ. proper | formal, informal | advanced, basic | further | individual, individualized | practical, professional, technical | moral, religious | flying

QUANT. course

VERB + INSTRUCTION get, have, receive She had no formal instruction in music. | need | offer (sb) The Cleveland Clog Dancers were on hand to offer instruction on the important steps. | give (sb), provide (sb with)

PREP. for the ~ of The information is for the instruction of passengers. | under ~ drivers under instruction | ~ by The two-day course features instruction by leading professionals and academics. | ~ in He claimed that he was not capable of giving instruction in poetry. | ~ on basic instruction on using the Internet

PHRASES a medium of instruction The medium of instruction throughout the course is English.