instalment noun

1 regular payment

ADJ. fixed | equal a loan repaid in equal annual instalments | first, initial | second, third, etc. | final, last | next | annual, monthly, weekly, quarterly

VERB + INSTALMENT pay (off), pay (sth) by/in, pay sth off in She sold the car before she had paid the instalments. The tenants agreed to pay off the arrears in instalments. | repay (sth) by/in

INSTALMENT + VERB be/become due, be payable by/in The next instalment is not due until July.

INSTALMENT + NOUN payment | plan, terms We offer an instalment plan.

PREP. by ~ The amounts are repayable by instalment. | in ~ Repayment is in ten instalments.

2 part of a story

ADJ. first, second, etc. | final, last | daily, weekly | next

VERB + INSTALMENT publish (sth in) The ‘Screwtape Letters’ were published in instalments from May to November 1941.

PREP. ~ in the final instalment in the trilogy