inspection noun

ADJ. careful, close, detailed, thorough | full | brief, cursory | routine | frequent, regular | annual, daily, etc. | surprise a surprise inspection of the premises by the health inspector | preliminary | public The records are open to public inspection. | independent | international They have refused to allow international inspection of their nuclear facilities. | physical, visual | safety | medical | on-site, site Following an on-site inspection, the surveyor prepared a written report on the property.

VERB + INSPECTION be available for, be open for/to, be subject to A company's accounting records must be open for inspection at all times. Nursing agencies are subject to inspection by the health authority. | bear (literary) He knew that his motives would not bear too close an inspection (= that his motives were not good). | carry out, conduct, make The architect is carrying out a thorough inspection of the building. | allow | pass The hotel passed its annual inspection. | fail

INSPECTION + VERB reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth Closer inspection of the vase revealed it to be a fake. | take place

INSPECTION + NOUN visit | report | team | hatch, panel

PREP. for ~ He held out the saucepan for inspection. | on/upon ~ The report seemed impressive at first, but on closer inspection there were several inaccuracies. | ~ by an inspection of the troops by the commander-in-chief

PHRASES a tour of inspection The head went on a tour of inspection of all the classrooms.