input noun

1 of time/knowledge/ideas

ADJ. considerable, great, important, major, significant, substantial | additional | direct | regular | local | specialist, technical

VERB + INPUT have | need | get, receive | provide constructive criticism which provided an input into the school's decision-making process

PREP. ~ by The report contains a substantial input by the police. | ~ from input from various interested parties | ~ in They all had some input in the discussion. | ~ into her input into the survey | ~ on The union would like more input on redundancies. | ~ to an additional input to market analysis

2 for a computer

ADJ. data | user | keyboard | computer

VERB + INPUT require Early computers required input in the form of punched cards. | accept The software will accept input from a variety of other programs. | process It may be beyond the capability of the hardware to process the input. | be used as/for Decision tables can be used as computer input. | check Check your input and make sure you have selected only one item.

INPUT + NOUN data | file | field, form, screen The cursor is positioned on the first input field of the page. | device an input device such as a keyboard

PREP. ~ for inputs for the printers | ~ from input from a mouse | ~ to input to a computer database

PHRASES input and output