innovation noun

1 introduction of new ideas

ADJ. constant, continuous | successful | cultural, educational, industrial, scientific, technical, technological | design, policy, product industries where constant product innovation is a criterion for survival

VERB + INNOVATION encourage, facilitate, foster, stimulate | stifle Too strict a regulatory system will stifle innovation.

INNOVATION + VERB occur Technical innovation may occur directly in the factory.


PREP. ~ in innovation in engineering

PHRASES scope for innovation

2 new idea

ADJ. great, major, important, significant | successful | welcome | interesting | latest, new | recent | scientific, technical, technological

VERB + INNOVATION come up with She believed she had come up with one of the greatest innovations of modern times. | introduce Many innovations were introduced by the 1919 Act. | design, develop technological innovations designed to save energy


PREP. ~ by Mathematical astronomy was the great innovation by the Greeks of the 5th century BC. | ~ in innovations in machinery and instruments