innocent adj.

1 not guilty

VERBS be, plead He pleaded innocent to the charges. | believe sb, presume sb I had always believed her innocent. The accused person should always be presumed innocent until proved guilty. | declare sb, find sb, prove sb The court found her innocent of the crime.

ADV. completely, entirely, totally, wholly

PREP. of I am totally innocent of this crime.

2 not intended/intending to cause harm

VERBS be, look, play, seem, sound Stop playing innocent and answer my questions, please.

ADV. very | all, altogether, perfectly She tried to sound all innocent as she asked the question. The circumstance could be altogether innocent, but suspicions have been raised. | relatively | apparently, seemingly

3 with no experience of the world

VERBS be, seem She was sixteen and sweetly innocent.

ADV. remarkably, very | sweetly | strangely the strangely innocent world of her childhood | sexually