injunction noun

1 court order

ADJ. interim, preliminary | temporary | permanent | court

VERB + INJUNCTION apply for, seek | get, obtain, take out, win She took out an injunction to prevent the press publishing the information. | grant (sb), issue | refuse (sb/sth) | vary an application to court to vary an injunction | lift It was agreed that the temporary injunction should be lifted. | uphold | overturn | ignore

INJUNCTION + VERB order sth, require sth | ban sth, bar sth, forbid sth, prohibit sth, restrain sb/sth The court upheld an injunction barring protesters from blocking access to the company. an injunction restraining the disclosure of company secrets | prevent sth

PREP. ~ against/on They got an interim injunction against the union.

PHRASES a breach of an injunction

2 warning/order from sb in authority

ADJ. stern

VERB + INJUNCTION follow, obey The rank and file members will follow the injunction of the party leadership. | ignore