injection noun

1 act of injecting sb

ADJ. intramuscular, intravenous | anti-tetanus/tetanus, flu, pain-killing | insulin, penicillin, etc. | booster Can I bring my dog in for his booster injection? | lethal In some US states execution is by lethal injection. | regular | daily

VERB + INJECTION have He had to have a tetanus injection after injuring himself with a shovel. | administer, give sb, perform They gave her an injection to stop the pain. | receive The rats received a daily injection of the drug.

PREP. by ~ The best treatment is antibiotics, preferably by injection. | ~ against an injection against whooping cough | ~ for injections for diabetes | ~ in/into an injection into the vein | ~ with Both groups received a second injection with the same solution.

2 money

ADJ. massive, substantial | much-needed | capital, cash An undisclosed buyer will provide a much-needed cash injection for the fragile balance sheet.

VERB + INJECTION need, require | give sth, provide (sth with) | receive

PREP. ~ from a cash injection from the Belgian state | ~ into an injection of cash into the economy

PHRASES an injection of capital/cash/money/resources The company had reached the size where it needed an injection of capital.