information noun

ADJ. accurate, correct, precise | false It is alleged that he gave false information to the tax authorities. | relevant, useful, valuable | useless | available Further information is available on request. | missing | fresh, new | latest, up-to-date the latest information on lung conditions | additional, extra, further | general general information about the company as a whole | basic basic information like date of birth, doctor's name and phone number | background | detailed | factual | classified, confidential, secret | price-sensitive There are legal constraints on the use of price-sensitive information. | bibliographic, economic, educational, financial, social, technological, etc.

QUANT. item, piece an interesting piece of information | bit, fragment, nugget, scrap, snippet She let slip a few nuggets of information about herself. | mine, wealth This book is a mine of information on the Romans.

VERB + INFORMATION contain | have Do you have the information I need? | retain, store James is able to retain an enormous amount of factual information in his head. database systems that process and store information | need, require | ask for, request | look for, seek | find, gain, get, obtain information gained from research | collect, gather The police are still questioning witnesses and gathering information. | receive | dig up Have you dug up any further information on the suspect? | extract, retrieve the difficulties of extracting information from government officials software that retrieves information from a variety of different sources | access Portable computers are good for accessing information while travelling. | download | disclose, give, impart, make available, provide (sb with), supply (sb with) a court order preventing an ex-employee from disclosing confidential information | leak Someone leaked information to the press. | pass on They passed on the information about the crime to the police. | circulate, disseminate an organization that collects and disseminates information about women in science | exchange The French and British police will exchange information on wanted criminals. | withhold It was improper of the broker to withhold the information from the stock exchange. | cover up, suppress | collate, organize | check | analyse | present The way you present the information is important. | publish | act on, go on At the moment we've very little information to go on.

INFORMATION + VERB relate to sth information relating to the social background of the child | lead to sth a reward for information leading to an arrest

INFORMATION + NOUN service | bureau, desk, office, centre | source | system | processing

PREP. according to ~ According to information received by the police, the terrorists have left the country. | for sb's ~ This leaflet is produced for the information of our customers. | ~ about/concerning/on/regarding financial information concerning a company

PHRASES access to information, the exchange of information, the flow of information to improve the flow of information within the company | a lack of information, a request for information, a source of information